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For over 250 years, French Polishing has been the chosen method for the finishing of high quality furniture.

In the caring for, maintenance of, and restoration of fine furniture, whether undertaken in the workshop or on site, we use only traditional methods. In order to maintain the integral value of your antique furniture, we utilize the same time tested and proven traditional finishes, materials and methods that have been in use for over 250 years.

With new and vastly improved shellacs from Europe, a far superior and durable French Polish can be obtained. Not only is drying time very much faster, but the finish is smear, heat and water resistant. It also provides a finish that will only add to the integrity and value of both fine and antique furniture.

What is French Polishing?

French polishing is a wood finishing technique that results in a very high gloss, deep colour and tough surface. It consists of applying many thin coats of french polish (shellac dissolved in alcohol) using a rubbing pad. The rubbing pad is made up of wadding inside a square piece of cotton and is referred to as a fad. The process is lengthy and very repetitive. The finish is obtained through a specific combination of different rubbing motions (generally circles and figure-eights), waiting for considerable time, building up layers of polish and then spiriting off any streaks left in the surface.

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