Antique Furniture Restoration
Restoration and Conservation of
Art, Antique Furniture & Interiors
Curatorial Services for Art & Antique Collectors

Locate : Search Research and Purchase

Authenticate : Confirm that the piece is authentic

Appraise : Market, Replacement or Donation Value

Insurance : Protect your investment against theft, fire,
and damage

Placement : Art, Sculptures & Antiques, Visual
appreciation and saftey

Wear : Heat, Humidity, Lighting, UV Rays

Tear : Shipping, Moving, Housekeeping, Family, Pets,
People, Infestations

Care : Protect the integrity of the piece

Restoration : To bring the piece back to the condition that is correct for it's period and protect it's value and integrity.

Over fifty years experience and five generations in Art, Antiques and Design.
Nationally and Internationally

U.S. - D & G Keegan
515 Columbia St.
Hudson, NY 12534
Ph. 518-821-7995

Europe - D & G Keegan
Johannis Str. 20
Diessen 86911
Ph. 49-175-716-4087
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